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Automotive Key Kit

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Product Description

Want to get into automotive key duplication but don't know where to start?

One click gets you...


Automotive Top 20
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     • Contains 10 each of 20 different automotive, car and truck key blanks.

     • 200 keys total.
     • Key blank assortment contains no transponder key blanks.
     • All key blanks in this assortment can be cut on a standard duplicator.

Start cutting keys for the following manufacturers

• Dodge Hummer
Oldsmobile .Saturn     
  • Buick Ford
• Lincoln Peterbilt
• Scion
  • Cadillac .Freightliner                     
• Mazda .Plymouth                        
• Subaru
  • Chevrolet GMC
• Mercury • Pontiac • Suzuki
  • Chrysler Honda
• Nissan Saab
• Toyota



G.M. V.A.T.S. Kit

Cutting V.A.T.S. keys is easy and profitable. 
V.A.T.S. keys can be found on many 1988-2005 Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Oldsmobile and Pontiac models.
One click gets you a V.A.T.S. reader and 1 each of all B62-P, B82-P and B104-P V.A.T.S. keys.

V.A.T.S. Reader
  • This device will enable you to read the value of your customers V.A.T.S. key, find the correct V.A.T.S. key blank, and supply them with duplicates.  If you can cut regular General Motors keys, you can cut VATS keys.
    Works with all three types of OEM issued GM V.A.T.S. keys as well as aftermarket duplicates and equivalents.
V.A.T.S. keys
Includes 1 each of:
  • B62-P VATS Keys, #'s 1-15
  • B82-P VATS Keys, #'s 2-15 (G.M. never offered a number 1 V.A.T.S. key for this blank)
  • B104-P VATS Keys, #'s 2-15 (G.M. never offered a number 1 V.A.T.S. key for this blank)
Cutting VATS Keys is as Simple as 1-2-3.
  1. Simply insert your customers key into the reader and view the transponder value. 
  2. Grab the blank with the value indicated and cut it like any typical General Motors key. 
  3. That's it.  You're done.  No programming necessary.


Silca RW5 PLUS with U-SNOOP
Product Details
  • The Silca RW5 is the fast, easy solution able to duplicate transponders for around 99% of cloneable vehicle keys in circulation, including ID46 and ID48.
  • Cloning calculations are made using Silca proprietary servers to guarantee reliability, ensuring that the latest routines are always available and time-consuming software updates are avoided.
  • The cloning process is guided step by step via a color display with procedures up to 3 times faster than using previous devices. Full integration with the MYKEYS Pro ecosystem gives support and information across the entire vehicle key duplication process helping to deliver the best solution to the customer.
  • Fast - Cloning process up to 3X faster*
  • Future Proof - Updateable, no memory capacity limits
  • Guided Procedures - Step by step via color display
  • Reliable - Superior data processing power using Silca servers
  • Portable - Integrated, rechargeable battery
  • Digitally Integrated - with MYKEYS Pro for full information on key duplication

rw5-brochure-en-page-1smc.png     rw5videoimagec.png     rw5-faqsmc.png


Shell Key Starter Kit
  • All shell keys in this package can be cut on most standard key cutting machines.
    This package contains no sidewinder or laser cut shell keys.

  • The chips included in this package can only be cloned with the following machines:
    • RW5 with U-SNOOP
    • RW4 PLUS with SNOOP (software version 04.09.098 or higher required).  M-Box required for some applications.
    • EZ Clone PLUS with SNOOP (software version 04.09.098 or higher required)  M-Box required for some applications.
Package includes:
  • 5) GTI-PRO electronic chips
  • 2) TOY43-GTS shell keys (Toyota, Pontiac & Scion)
  • 2) H72-GTS shell keys (Ford, Lincoln, Mazda & Mercury)
  • 2) H84-GTS shell keys (Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Panoz & VPG)
  • 2) B111-GTS shell keys (Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn & Suzuki)
  • 2) Y160-GTS shell keys (Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Jeep & Plymouth)
  • 2) NI02-GTS shell keys (Infinity & Nissan)
  • 2) DW04R-GTS shell keys (Pontiac)
  • 2) KW16-GTS shell keys (Kawasaki motorcycle)
  • 2) SZ17R-GTS shell keys (Suzuki motorcycle)
  • 2) MAZ24-GTS shell keys (Mazda)
  • 2) TOY43R-GTS shell keys (Chevy & GMC)
  • 2) HON58RTE-GTS shell keys (Acura, Honda & Isuzu)
  • 1) Auto and Truck Reference Guide
  • 1) BD0699XXXX (adapters for cutting B111-GTS shell keys)
  • 1) BD0715XXXX (adapters for cutting Toyota TOY43-GTS shell keys)
Start cloning keys for the following manufacturers
  • Buick • Eagle • Hyundai • Kia • Panoz • Suzuki
  • Cadillac • Ford • Infinity • Lincoln • Plymouth .Suzuki.Motorcycle
  • Chevrolet • GMC • Isuzu • Mazda • Pontiac • Toyota
  • Chrysler • Honda • Jeep • Mercury • Saturn • VPG


TD3A II Transponder Detector
This hand held unit detects transponders that are concealed in keys for modern automotive security ignition systems. It takes only a second to confirm the presence of a transponder in a key and indicates the transponder type.
  • Detects the presence of a transponder in the head of the key
  • Check keys before duplicating to avoid duplicating keys that will not work
  • Identifies five different transponder brands, including Megamos, Motorola, Phillips, Temic and Texas Instruments
  • Ignition Key Transponder Detector TD3A II is compact, easy to carry, and is powered by a 9-volt battery (included)


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