RW4 PLUS & M-Box Bundle

Product Description

The RW4 PLUS and M-Box Combo
This bundle pack includes the following items
  • RW4 PLUS
  • M-Box
  • 5) GTI transponders
  • 5) T80 PLUS transponders
  • 5) T128C transponders


  • Clones over 90% of the vehicles on the street using transponder technology.
  • Easy to use.  Fast return on investment.
  • Compact.  Lightweight.  Portable.
  • Profit $20, $30, $40 and more per key.  Cloning = Big Money.
  • Auto dealerships can reduce or eliminate the repossession company by repoing their own vehicles.
Professional Transponder Cloner
  • Designed for the security Professional, the RW4 Plus is a stand-alone unit (no PC, no internet connection or additional software required) that will clone fixed code (T2, T5) transponder keys as well as Texas Instruments® (TI) fixed and encrypted code and Philips® encrypted code transponder keys.
  • Utilize the RW4 Plus and Ilco Modular Electronic Keys to eliminate the need for two master (original) keys that are required for "on-board programming" of many keys.
  • The compact, portable design with an 12VDC power adapter makes the RW4 Plus a perfect for "on the road services".
  • Your purchase includes free updates for one year (from date of purchase). Updates are based on new vehicle information & technology.
  • Clones Texas Instruments (TI) and Philips encrypted code as well as fixed code (T2, T5) transponder keys
  • Identifies presence of a transponder and indicates chip type, value and manufacturer
  • Code Generation Capable
  • Archiving Function
  • SNOOP Included
  • 12V DC adapter included for "on the road" services
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Built in "soft touch" key pad
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • This unit is not returnable. 
    If you have questions, please phone us prior to purchase.


M-Box with SNOOP
Ilco M-Box with SNOOP consists of the M-Box and M-Snoop to provide the complete cloning solution for Megamos crypto ID48 transponders. The M-Box is compatible with existing Ilco/Silca cloning devices while the unique M-Snoop allows for capture of original key data without the need to cut a new key. The ID48 solution can connect to Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet hotspot or use a fixed internet connection. Ilco ID48 brings total cloning capability to approximately 95% of vehicles in North America today.

  • Professional Solution, Familiar Process, Top Service
  • Clone Before Cutting
  • Unique M-Snoop and Chip Transponder Technology
  • Comprehensive Solution to cover the widest possible range of keys and remotes
  • T48, T80 and T80 PLUS glass transponders fits original transponder keys and remotes, as well as all Ilco replacement vehicle keys
  • Unique M-Snoop technology reads original key data without the need to cut a new key
  • Simple visual confirmation of successful cloning before cutting the key blade
  • Cloning equipment can be used simultaneously for other jobs while an ID48 procedure runs
  • Compatible with existing Ilco/Silca brand cloning devices*
  • Easy to use software with a dedicated webpage to manage progress of cloning jobs
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet hotspot, No need for a PC or a fixed internet connection to clone
  • Compatible with Advanced Diagnostics™ procedures for programming vehicle remotes
  • This unit is not returnable. 
    If you have questions, please phone us prior to purchase.


Chip Applications
  • T48 Cloning Application List
    This chip is optional and not included with this bundle.
    This chip is used on various:
    • Alfa Romeo
    • Audi
    • Chevrolet
    • Citroen
    • DAF
    • Fiat
    • GMC
    • Honda
    • Greatwall
    • Hummer
    • Isuzu
    • Jaguar
    • Kia
    • Lancia
    • Maserati
    • Opel-Vauxhall
    • Peugeot
    • Pontiac
    • Porsche
    • Proton
    • Seat
    • Skoda
    • Ssangyong
    • Volkswagen
    • Volvo
  • T80 PLUS Cloning Application List
    This chip is used on various:
    • Ford
    • Hyundai
    • Kia
    • Lincoln
    • Mazda
    • Subaru
    • VPG
  • T128C Cloning Application List
    This chip is used on various:
    • Subaru
    • Toyota




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