Kimball Key Blanks

  • Kimball KB1 1649 Key Blanks


    Equivalent to 1649.

    Fits Kimball, BMB, CompX, National, NCL and Waveworks.

  • Kimball KB3 1663 Key Blanks


    Equivalent to 1663, KMB-1, BMB21.

    Fits Kimball, National and NCL.

  • Ilco IN8 L1054B Key Blank


    Equivalent to L1054B, L54B, ILC-7D, HO1, ILC11, IL5.

    Fits Ilco, Briggs & Stratton, ESP, Haworth, Hoyl, HPC, Hudson, Jofco, Kimball, Meridian, MMF, Schroeder Thompson, Strattec, Waterloo, Wright, Yale and many more.

  • ESP 1502 Key Blanks.


    Equivalent to ESP-3D, ES8.

    Fits ESP, Anderson Hickey, C&K, Edwards, Haskell, Haworth, Herman Miller, Hon, Inotec, Kimball, Knoll, Korden, LSDA, Marvel, Office Depot, Office Max, Reff, Steelcase, Teknion and Unicor.