MMF Key Blanks

  • Ilco IN8 L1054B Key Blank


    Equivalent to L1054B, L54B, ILC-7D, HO1, ILC11, IL5.

    Fits Ilco, Briggs & Stratton, ESP, Haworth, Hoyl, HPC, Hudson, Jofco, Kimball, Meridian, MMF, Schroeder Thompson, Strattec, Waterloo, Wright, Yale and many more.

  • Yale Y11 O1122 Key Blanks.


    Equivalent to O1122, 80, U122, YA-11D, YAL11, YA4, YJ3, 7NX.

    Fits Yale, airplane, automobile, boat, coupler, equipment & construction, furniture, gas cap, motorcycle, padlock, pickup caps, RV & camper, safes, storm door, tool box and trucks.

  • C1041N

    Equivalent to CG-8, 41J, CHI-19D, K38, C42E

    Fits Chicago, Alma, Devon, Harper, Invincible, Lyon, MMF

  • Yale O1122BE Key Blanks.


    Equivalent to Y144, U122BE, YA-55D, YA66R.

    Fits Yale, Arco, Bauer, Eagle, Hamilton, Hudson, MMF, Vetter and Wright.