Checking the Profile

Checking the profile is easy.
Once you have found a key that appears to be the same as your key online, you can make a more accurate comparison by printing out exact size line drawings and profiles.  These line drawings and profiles can be accessed by following the steps below.

  1. Key blanks are listed in the pdf alphabetically by manufacturer, then part number.  The product page you came from will tell you where to find the key in question.  Once you find your key in pdf format, PRINT that page. Do NOT skip this step.  Many people avoid this step and try to do it by matching the images to the one on their monitor.  It will NOT work.

  2. Printing Tip.  Once you find the key you wish to print, change your printing options from ALL to CURRENT.

  3. Lay your key over the image and check the length and width of your key with the one shown. 
    • Head styles may vary.  In this case, you will be checking from the shoulder or tip of your key up to where the head starts.
    • If the length, width, and thickness of the key matches the key on the page you printed, the style of the head doesn't matter.
    • If your key uses a shoulder, make sure to measure from the shoulder to the tip to ensure this measurement is correct.
    • Most keys in our online store can be found in the manufacturers catalog.  Originals and keys that came out after file publication are currently not included.


  4. Place the tip of your key ONTO the profile of the page you printed as if you are trying to insert your key into the paper, as shown above. Do NOT check the profile by pointing the key towards your eye.  This is a common mistake which will cause you to order blanks that are opposite of what you need.

  5. Place the tip of your key onto the profile, and look down ALL sides to check your keys profile with what is shown.  If the profile shown matches your key EXACTLY, this is most likely to be the key you need.  If it does not, find another blank that looks like yours and recheck profiles until you find one.  Order keys when you feel confident to avoid return charges.