• Quantity Amount
  • 1 - 4$2.72
  • 5 - 9 1.36
  • 10 - 49 0.68
  • 50 or above 0.54

Product Description

Product Details
  • Genuine ILCO brand key blanks
  • Made in USA
  • Brass
  • 6 Pin
  • E Section
  • Sold Individually

  • This DO NOT DUPLICATE key blank can be used in most SC9 (A1145E) applications.
  • Most key blank manufacturers utilize a distinctive head style or design which makes them easy to identify.  Since these keys have a generic square head design, they can be difficult to identify.
  • Neutered bow keys have no manufacturers name or part number on it which reduces or eliminates unauthorized duplicates.The square head of the key measures approximately 1" Wide X 7/8" High.
  • One side is stamped Do Not Duplicate, while other side is left plain for stamping.
Manufacturer Equivalents
  • Axxess 59
  • Cole SC9
  • Curtis SC-9
  • Dominion A145E
  • ESP SC9
  • Ilco A1145E
  • Ilco EZ SC9, SC9-BR
  • Jet SC9
  • JMA SLG-5, SLG5
  • Original 35-101E
  • Orion A1145E
  • Silca SH10
  • Star 6SH4
  • Taylor 145E
Confirming the key you're choosing is correct
    • Actual size line drawings and groove pattern profiles are available in our manufactures directory. 
      To access this directory and view these drawings, follow the instructions on the Check the Profile page FIRST.
    • Once you understand how to check the profile, Click Here to find this key under Schlage.
  • Need more help?  Let's help find your key.
Key Cutting
  • This key needs to be cut before it will work.
  • This key can be duplicated using a standard key cutting machine found at most hardware stores and locksmiths.
This key blank fits various products by the following manufacturers
  • Schlage
We're proud to sell American made ILCO brand key blanks.
While other companies sell cheap overseas products, we're proud to sell high quality ILCO brand key blanks made right in Rocky Mount North Carolina.

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